Led by Maverick Entertainment founder and President Mark Allen, the company has earned a reputation for quality and service.

We believe our longevity is the result of our values:

To conduct business with integrity

To treat all people with respect and dignity

To stand behind our word, even when it is inconvenient

To give honest answers, even when those might be uncomfortable

To embrace substance over style

To honor God in our business practices

Speeders in the Sky (Discovery Wings Channel) is a remarkably literate presentation.”

Walter Boyne, Former Director, National Air and Space Museum National Air and Space Museum

We have produced, provided intellectual services and/or creative development for content seen on the following outlets and others:

  • Thrive Sports (Internet)
  • LiveAirShowTV (Internet)
  • ISTAT/EAA  (Internet)
  • Cabarrus Magazine (Internet)